Academic Profiling Test - APT



The APT is a comprehensive aptitude assessment for 6-16 year olds using an AI-powered platform that compares performance against UK national standards. Designed by a range of experts, from former headteachers to assessment specialists, the APT allows for an accurate measurement of each candidate's unique learning ability.

The APT can be used to identify learning gaps, demonstrate performance to future schools or monitor academic progress, or even as familiarisation for other reasoning-type tests such as UKiset, ISEB Pretest or 11+ entrance exams.

The APT is presented to schools as part of an Individual Learner Profile, created by The English Education after consultation with the applicant and their family. Schools in the UK have commented upon the quality of data and the steer that it allows them in terms of establishing whether a child is suitable to go through their application process – not only does the test show the child’s current academic profile, but can be used to identify potential .

The APT consists of four subjects; English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Each subject consists of a wide range of tasks and assesses multiple skills in that area.


Including grammar, comprehension and language skills

Verbal Reasoning

Looking at logic and problem solving using codes and patterns


Including computation, story problems, algebra and geometry

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Assessing problem solving using image and spatial awareness

Understanding APT Results

APT is a sophisticated test that compares candidates against their peers. Having a good understanding of the results profile is important to get the most from the assessment. The English Education provides all the necessary support and advice to help parents make sense of the summary report.

Who can use APT?

APT is an exclusive assessment to The English Education and their associates and partners.

If you are a parent you can register your child to take the APT with the experts at The English Education.



If you are an education consultant or academic advisor wishing to use APT to support your own clients you can join as one of our partners and deliver APT under your own brand.

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