Bespoke School Placement

Bespoke school placement advice for students requiring a tailored approach

The English Education Bespoke – a school search and placement service for families requiring a tailored approach.

Personalised And Tailored Advice

The English Education Bespoke works closely with families to ensure that each child is placed at the most suitable and right boarding school for the individual, chosen from all the schools offering a high-quality education in the UK.


A Two-Stage Process

The English Education Bespoke offers support in two distinct stages. 

Stage 1 Services

  • The English Education Bespoke will offer a free initial consultation to your family. During this initial discussion, an English Education Consultant will discuss your aspirations, timeframes for application and will, if required, talk parents through the different types of boarding education on offer in the UK. The Consultant will also wish to meet the child and chat to them. This initial consultation is likely to take place via video call and will last up to thirty minutes.
  • Upon agreement that the family will work with The English Education Bespoke, the Consultant will request current school reports, background information into the child and will conduct a further meeting with parents and child, to gather as much information as possible to enable suitable schools to be researched.
  • The Consultant will approach a long list of schools with detail about the child. Information about these schools (up to six choices) will be included in an Initial Report, outlining why the schools have been chosen, details about application and next steps. This Stage One work will end with the presentation of the detailed report to the parents, with a final consultation and discussion about choices. All the nominated schools on the short list will have been approached and will have confirmed they are happy to receive an application from the family.

Stage 2 Services

Stage 2 services include all the necessary support required for registration and application to the most suitable schoolsonce this has been discussed and agreed with parents. Support can include: 

  • Liaison with relevant school admission departments;
  • Confirmation of visit and school tour timetable with the client;
  • On-going support with practical arrangements for the visit, including research and advice regarding hotel bookings;
  • The preparation of a School Visit Support Document, outlining advice as to what the student might expect at interview and during the school visit, highlighting location (map format) of schools to be visited, hotel details, details of places of interest to be visited and ancillary detail, to be sent to the client at least seven days before the commencement of school visits;
  • Accompanying clients on school visits and tours (up to four days), collection of clients from agreed hotel locations and deposit at agreed venue at end of the school visits and the provision of transport in between those times;
  • Follow-up discussions with schools about visits;
  • Communication with client regarding decisions of schools and subsequent support and advice, dependent upon decisions and required course of action;
  • Support and advice regarding applications to selected school(s);
  • Support and advice regarding advised / required tutor engagement;
  • Support and advice regarding registration and acceptance of a school place, including the preparation of documentation, deposit payments, Tier 4 Student Visa application;
  • Support and advice regarding guardianship and, regular and timely communication with clients relating to any aspect of the process outlined above.


Fees for The English Education Bespoke services are dependent upon the specific requirements of each family and will be discussed and agreed after an initial free consultation.


I am very pleased with the way that school choices have worked out for my children, having been supported by The English Education. It is literally impossible to make an educated decision without professional help - and this is what Jimmy and his team are best at

- Mr C, father of two teenage children, Budapest