Fees and Timescales

Our fees and processes are clear and transparent

Client Fee

Once the decision has been made that a child is accepted as a client of The English Education Guaranteed, parents / guardians will be required to pay a fee of £895 + VAT. An invoice will be issued, along with a Terms and Conditions document stating that The English Education Guaranteed will not commence work on behalf of the client until the invoice has been settled.

Terms and Conditions will make it clear that, once the fee has been paid to The English Education Guaranteed, the child is guaranteed of a place at one of The English Education Guaranteed Member Schools within the agreed and stated timescale.

Parents will receive a full refund of the fee if their child does not receive a formal offer of a place at one of the member schools. If the child, for any reason (illness, visa issues, inability to travel etc.) fails to take up a place that has been offered, they will not receive the refund.

Timescale for Application

The English Education Guaranteed will discuss timescales for application with parents / guardians during the initial consultation.

It must be noted that the earlier the application, the wider will be the choice of suitable schools for each applicant; the later the application, the greater the risk of some schools being full. For September entry, as preferred by most boarding schools, application is recommended some ten months beforehand.

Later applications are often possible and might well be considered by Member Schools on a case-by-case basis. The English Education Guaranteed will always offer advice and guidance in such instances.

Our Schools

A selection of the very best British boarding schools for international students, with guaranteed entry for select students.


I am very pleased with the way that school choices have worked out for my children, having been supported by The English Education.

Mr C – Budapest, father of two teenage children.