The Process

A detailed, thorough and personalised process designed to match the right pupil to the right school

The English Education Guaranteed supports application to a carefully selected group of quality boarding schools in the UK, with guaranteed placement for those children who meet our selection criteria

Initial Assessment

Whether through direct contact with families via the website, through The English Education Guaranteed recruitment events or through referrals from our referral partners across the world, The English Education Guaranteed will follow up with a free initial twenty-minute assessment call. This call will be to assess the outline suitability of a potential applicant and it will be followed up by the immediate collation of school reports and, if deemed necessary, an online academic assessment.  

A decision will be made as to whether the child is to be accepted as a client of The English Education Guaranteed within five working days of the initial meeting or conference call, dependent upon receipt of relevant paperwork from the client.

fees and timescales


If a child is accepted as a client of The English Education Guaranteed, the family will sign a contract and pay the required fee, on the understanding that their child will be placed at one of the featured schools within an agreed timescale. A consultant will follow up with a further forty-five minute video conference call to find out much more about the child, their interests, their potential; they will sit The English Education’s tailor made online Learner Profile Assessment and will record a short video interview. 

Academic Profiling Test

Successful students undertake our Academic Profiling Test which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of schools, incorporating video interview and a six-point evaluation, designed by a leading expert in the field of pupil assessment. The results of this assessment and other details about the student will be shared with the Registrar / admissions staff at longlisted schools – schools will be asked to decide as to whether they wish to take the application forward within forty-eight hours of receipt. 

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School Shortlist

The consultant will create a list of up to five suitable member schools and, after explanation, consideration and further communication with parents, a shortlist of two or three schools will be agreed, to which application will be encouraged.

Selection Process

Decisions will then be made about taking applications forward. Advice and support will be given about timescales and procedure for application, with communication between school and parents being managed by The English Education Guaranteed team. If interviews are required at the school(s), parents will be offered ‘guided support’ as an optional extra, or they can chose to visit the schools unaccompanied.  


The English Education Guaranteed will manage the process through to acceptance. The English Education Guaranteed will offer parents various levels of ancillary services, such as visa, guardianship and tutor support.  


Parents will receive a full refund of the fee if their child does not receive a formal offer of a place at one of the member schools. If the child fails to take up a place that has been offered for any reason (illness, visa issues, inability to travel etc.), they will not receive a refund. 
member schools

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Member Schools


Our member schools are selected from among the very best British boarding schools for international students.


Who are We?


The English Education is a team of experts providing guidance and advice for students applying to boarding schools in the UK.

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Our Aims


Our focus is clear: find the right student for the right school. We strive to achieve this at every stage of our enrolment process.




Commonly asked questions and answers for parents, families and prospective students.