Guardianship for International Families

Guardianship for International Families

Our partners at Cambridge Guardian Angels provide an overview of guardianship and how it works for international pupils at UK boarding schools.

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Sep 3, 2020 . 2 years
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The English Education recently asked Julia Evans, Director at CGA (Cambridge Guardian Angels), for a brief overview of guardianship and how it works for international pupils at UK boarding schools.  Based in Cambridge, they work with a network of carefully selected colleagues to cover all areas of the UK providing dedicated, professional and caring guardianship services and are delighted to partner with The English Education. Both companies share certain values, in that our aim is to always provide the highest possible standard of support and customer service for parents, students and schools.

Thanks to Julia for her concise and clear guidance.



Image courtesy of Cambridge Guardian Angels

“Any international student under the age of 18 years attending a school in the UK must have a UK-based responsible adult. All of the finest UK boarding schools recommend the appointment of a qualified guardian to ensure that the care of the child outside school is fully covered, leaving the school free to focus on education.

At its simplest, a guardian would be someone to take responsibility for a child when the school is closed for exeat weekends (weekends when school is on a short break) and vacations, and a point of contact in an emergency.

There are many businesses providing guardianship. The degree of support and quality of service vary widely. Even professional guardians are not required to be qualified, registered or regulated. However, it is advisable to use a guardian accredited by a recognized professional body to ensure that basic standards are met.

The English Education works closely with Cambridge Guardian Angels.

CGA is accredited by AEGIS (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students), which has some of the most stringent requirements in the business, but then goes further to add genuine care for each individual child.

A CGA guardian will:

  • Engage with parents and the student well ahead of the new school year, providing information, answering questions, making arrangement, and reassuring parents and students at what can be a stressful and confusing time.
  • Act like a parent, always putting the child’s welfare, happiness and success ahead of any other considerations, supporting the student’s school life, attending parent-teacher meetings and keeping the child’s parents informed of progress.
  • Be there in times of crisis – for example in February/March 2020 managing the urgent repatriation of international students ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic UK lock-down.

CGA believes in the value of developing personal relationships, particularly with parents, consultants and students, to develop trust and open communication. CGA has also developed a network of relationships with schools (Houseparents, Heads), host families, tutors and other service providers, and can call upon this network to meet the needs of the student and their family in the most caring and professional way.

Host families provide accommodation for students when boarding is closed for exeat weekends, and vacations if the student is not travelling home. Apart from the school, the host family has perhaps the biggest influence on the safety and happiness of the child whilst they are in the UK.

CGA can arrange accommodation at a host family close to the student’s school. Naturally, each host family is fully safeguarding checked. CGA visits the homes and gets to know the families, then carefully selects the host family to match the needs of the individual child.

Just as there are many types of guardianship business, so there are many different pricing structures. CGA tries to be as simple and transparent as possible, with an all-inclusive package and fixed price. Some other agencies have a competitive annual fee to act as a guardian, but have additional hidden charges for activities such as school visits, or even phone calls.

CGA is always ready to discuss guardianship with new parents. Please contact us through the link on The English Education website, where you will also be able to see The English Education’s other partnerships and associations, all of which have been carefully selected to offer the best service to overseas families.”