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Bryanston School

An independent co-educational, rural, boarding school for pupils aged 13-18 years

  • Headmaster: Mr. Mark Mortimer
  • Pupils: 690 – 90% boarders; 290 girls and 400 boys
  • Boarding Fees: £40,890 per annum
  • A-Level, IBDP and IBCP options at Sixth Form

About the School

A Bryanston education will deliver excellent exam results and a range of inter-personal skills; pupils leave with high emotional intelligence, great self-confidence, a depth of self-knowledge and the ability to succeed. This is achieved by giving pupils supported independence throughout their time at the school and the opportunity to take their own decisions, about what to wear, which sport to do, which exam courses they want to follow and the co-curricular activities they want to try. Weekly one-to-one conversation sessions with their academic tutor allow pupils to discover their strengths and acquire strategies to develop their frailties with their tutor guiding but not dictating their activities.

Bryanston has an international reputation for the creative and performing arts: Music, Film, Drama, Dance, Fine Art and DT. It is equally strong in Maths and Science and boasts double Nobel-prize winning Frederick Sanger among the alumni. The school also has one of the broadest co-curricular programmes of any independent school and pupils are encouraged to explore the full range of their talents. It is through the combination of academic and co-curricular activities that pupils learn the resilience to overcome difficulties and enjoy a sense of success in many areas.

Bryanston’s special system of education is used to develop a pupil’s responsibility both for themselves and for others. Each pupil has their own academic tutor matched to their personality, academic and co-curricular interests.  Every pupil has a one-to-one ‘tutorial’ at least once a week with their tutor to review academic progress, identify what is going well and what is not so good and how improvements can be made. The tutorial makes use of the ‘learning cycle’ – Do, Review, Learn, Apply – and helps pupils understand how and where they learn best.  Each week for each subject, a pupil is given a grade, an effort mark and a comment on their work, recorded on the eChart (a type of digital markbook) which is visible to the child, the tutor and the parents. The grades are discussed in the tutorial and a strategy for the following week is planned; the pupil then has one week to experiment with suggestions to see if they can improve their grade. It encourages motivation and develops self-worth and self-reliance in the pupil. The tutor will also challenge the pupil to try new activities, take on responsibility, help them with problems and act as their advocate to help resolve differences. The tutor is the pupil’s mentor, life-coach and professional friend and knows them thoroughly, which is essential when helping them make decisions, both throughout school and about university.

Staff and Student Quotes

As a full-time boarding school, Bryanston has the advantage of a 7-day week for our holistic approach to education. There is equal emphasis on academic success and character development. The School remains full at the weekend, and provides time for activities to challenge their creativity, engage their curiosity, build their sense of belonging, strengthen friendships, develop leadership and allow them to have fun. All of this in 400 acres of beautiful rural England, yet less than 2 hours from Heathrow Airport.’

Mr. Mark Mortimer

‘Bryanston is a really fun place to be. There is so much to do, with so many new activities to experience that you don’t really have enough time to ever feel alone, the time literally flies. The extra-curricular activities (ECAs) give you an opportunity to develop new skills and try new things, things you never thought you would do. I enjoy the ECAs because it gives me a chance to get out and get some fresh air, also to do something I enjoy. The more you get involved in the better. Another thing I like about Bryanston is having your own tutor. I think it is really helpful, because you can talk to them about anything you want to, whether it’s to do with work, your house or everything in general. You can have a private chat, and tell them if you have any worries or problems and they will help sort them out. But if you don’t have any worries, then you can just have a fun chat about anything you want to!

Year 10

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