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Dean Close School

An independent co-educational boarding and day school for children aged 13-18 with a linked junior school

  • Headmaster: Mr Bradley Salisbury
  • Pupils: 470 – Boarders: 257
  • Fees: up to £41,700 per annum
  • A Level curriculum at Sixth Form

About the School

Dean Close School is a co-educational day and boarding school which provides continuity of education from age 2+ to 18. The School was established in 1886 and is set in 50 acres of parkland in the centre of Cheltenham.

Dean Close is renowned for focusing on individual development. Small classes, excellent learning facilities plus a 550-seater professional theatre, amphitheatre, 2 floodlit astro-turfs, 25m indoor pool, climbing wall, indoor rifle range, dance studio and fully equipped gymnasium all help to nurture each child’s strengths and talents. With around 500 pupils in the Senior School, Dean Close is small enough to allow everyone to know one another and to feel valued. It also allows everyone to get fully involved in the life of the School. However, it is large enough to have an extremely strong boarding community, vibrant and exciting creative arts, impressive academic results and great sports achievements across all ages.

Visitors to Dean Close regularly comment on the atmosphere, saying how warm and friendly they find it, and  this positive environment can be attributed directly to the Christian heart and principles of the School.

Aims and Ethos

Dean Close School was built on an Evangelical Christian foundation of the Church of England, and this is still very much lived out in who we are and what we do as a School.

This is seen most obviously in the way that Dean Close values every person, regarding them as uniquely created; whatever a pupil’s creed or background, Dean Close can provide a strong sense of individual worth and of belonging to a community where each individual’s qualities, interests and potential are respected and encouraged.

The ethos of Dean Close encourages independent thinking and the self-confidence to challenge the status quo. It challenges selfishness and promotes respect for others, service to the School and wider community and the development of healthy and positive relationships.

Staff and Student Quotes

“I am exceedingly proud to be the Headmaster of this great school.  What I have learned from being here is that whilst Dean Close can boast of its endless array of sporting facilities, purpose built theatre, music and art schools, its chapel, beautiful buildings and grounds and excellent results, it is the grounded, responsible and well-rounded young people it sends out into the world that give us the most credit.  That is because Dean Close believes that education is as much about building character and relationships as it is about gaining knowledge, with its founding Christian principles still as central to us today as they were in 1886. When I walk around the corridors, as I often do, I am constantly struck by the inspiring culture of learning, both inside and outside the classroom, which seems to sweep everyone along.  But most importantly to me, Dean Close is a really happy, caring School and a fun place to be”

Mr. Bradley Salisbury

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