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Glenalmond College

A independent co-educational boarding and day school for children aged 12 to 18

  • Warden: Dr. Michael Alderson
  • Pupils: 350 – Boarders full: 260
  • Fees: up to £38,100.00 per annum
  • A-Level and Scottish Highers

About the School

Glenalmond College is an independent boarding and day school set in 300 acres of spectacular countryside just outside Perth, yet within easy reach of Edinburgh and Glasgow airports. It makes the most of its rural Scottish location, with its pupils living and learning free from the distractions of city life.

Glenalmond offers an all-encompassing education that allows each child to fulfil his/her potential and enter adulthood with confidence. There is a strong emphasis on academic success, with the school following the English system of GCSEs and A Levels along with Scottish Highers for those who prefer a broader-based curriculum.

The support basis for pupils is extensive, with a carefully-designed programme to nurture the academically gifted through cross-age discussion groups and lectures. There is also an excellent Learning Support Department. Regular recognition is gained by the schools scholars, mathematicians, musicians, singers and sportsmen and women, who compete at national level.

Leadership, creative and dramatic arts are also integral to life at Glenalmond, which has an active CCF (Army, Navy and RAF branches), an active drama programme which includes biennial productions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and an outstanding music department.

Glenalmond provides an excellent setting for young people to learn and grow, and for them to start the story of their adult lives in a uniquely supportive and encouraging environment.

Staff and Student Quotes

“Growing up in the USA and Canada and having worked in international schools in different countries, I value the importance of pupils from around the world. Glenalmond College celebrates the diverse backgrounds and cultures of international pupils and staff – offering a global outlook on life. Furthermore, many of our international pupils go on to prominent roles at the College and serve important leadership roles later in their careers in the Sixth Form.  The College has a real knack for developing leaders – no matter their background”

Richard Myers

“As someone who is often confused about where “home” is Glenalmond quickly became one of them. Upon arrival, I was quickly integrated into the sense of community and family at Coll and since then day to day life has always been bright and busy. Living with your best friends is one of the best experiences because you get to learn to live with people. There are so many activities to take part in that are all unique and teach you many different skills and all the teachers are always there to support you.”

Sophia Acero
16 years old pupil

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