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Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools

An independent boarding and day school for girls and boys aged 11-18 through a unique combination of single-sex schools and a co-educational Sixth Form 16-18

  • Principal: Mr James Murphy-O’Connor
  • Pupils - Boys: 516; Boarders: 151; Sixth Form: 253. Girls: 701; Boarders: 168; Sixth Form 253
  • Fees: up to £34,167.00 per annum
  • A Level curriculum in the Sixth Form

About the School

Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools provide a positive, constructive and inspiring single-sex community from 13-16 in which boarding pupils flourish at Monmouth School for Boys or Monmouth School for Girls.
Steeped in four hundred years of history and located in the heart of the beautiful Wye Valley, the schools offer a wide range of academic subjects, impressive sports, cultural and arts facilities and links with top universities.

The boarding community is an integral part of life for the Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools’ family. Creating a nurturing environment where children feel comfortable, happy and inspired to aim high in everything they do is clearly the main priority. Pupils’ talents are nurtured, and they make the most of the area’s wonderful natural resources and the excellent facilities on offer for sports, culture and the arts.

Pupils benefit from the invaluable interaction between Monmouth School for Boys and Monmouth School for Girls, sharing many trips and expeditions, events and community projects.

The schools’ focused approach prepares boys and girls for Sixth Form, where they have the confidence to aim high in their specialist academic subjects and to fulfil their particular sporting, musical or artistic ambitions.

The co-educational teaching in Monmouth Schools Sixth Form brings day and boarding boys and girls together at this final stage of their educational journey in Monmouth. 16 to 18 year-olds are provided with the benefits of co-educational teaching and single-sex pastoral care to ensure a successful transition from school to university life. Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools recognise talent and nurture excellence, providing the best possible springboard for a pupil’s future. Parents can feel confident as their children join a legacy of excellence in education that is renowned both nationally and internationally.

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Staff and Student Quotes

We have a caring, nurturing and inspiring boarding community with boys and girls from the UK and seventeen different countries calling Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools their home.

Our boarders form lifelong friendships, lovely memories and a strong sense of society during their time with us. Around 60% of our boarders are British and we have an exciting cross-section of international students from all over the world.

We give special care and attention to every boarder. We have a comprehensive induction programme, supported by a buddy system across the schools. We offer support to those for whom English is a second language as well as additional academic support. More than 60% of our students secure places at Russell Group Universities.

Our boarding community is an integral part of life at the schools. We have dedicated, single-sex boarding houses and there is always a busy programme of joint activities, sports and trips at the weekends.  Above all, we ensure that our boarding students have a happy, rewarding and fulfilled time with us.

Mr. James Murphy-O’Connor

I moved to Monmouth  in January 2016 because of the wide range of subjects on offer, including Latin. I started to feel at home within a couple of weeks and getting to experience a variety of cultures and customs has been exciting. The staff and students are kind and supportive too. The staff are fun and talk to us regularly to make sure we are alright.

Everyone looks after each other and that’s why I like it so much. We are a big, but close-knit family.

It’s an adventure coming to a boarding school. The mixture of activities on offer, the commitment and dedication of the boarding staff, and the food are the best things. As a boarder, you build strong connections with friends which will, hopefully, last a lifetime.

Student from Saudi Arabia

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