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Mill Hill School

Co-educational school for boys and girls aged 13-18 in North West London, offering day, weekly and full boarding

  • Principal: Ms Jane Sanchez
  • Pupils: 800 – Boarders: 120
  • Fees: up to £36,900 per annum
  • A Level curriculum at Sixth Form

About the School

Mill Hill School is a co-educational school for boys and girls aged 13- 18 in North West London. Offering day, weekly and full boarding, the School adopts a broad education, where academic excellence is complemented by cultural, sporting and social development.

Mill Hill School seeks to equip pupils for life, both now and in the future. A stimulating academic environment and numerous activities outside the classroom encourage learning and personal growth. Staff are committed to the development of every pupil and believe that the friendly and supportive community helps this to happen.

The School’s academic curriculum is broad, flexible and forward-looking and is designed to encourage intellectual curiosity, sound learning and a spirit of enquiry in the pursuit of academic excellence. The Creative Arts have a long and successful tradition at Mill Hill and are a key part of the academic curriculum. The Art Department offers facilities and expertise for pupils to develop their interest and skills in painting and drawing, alternative media, film, illustration, multimedia, photography (including digital photography), printmaking, sculpture, textiles, theatre design and video.

Mill Hill School is renowned for its sporting excellence. Every pupil, regardless of physical ability, is encouraged to participate in both competitive and non-competitive sport. The major sports for the boys are Rugby, Hockey and Cricket and for the girls are Hockey, Netball, Rounders and Tennis. Other opportunities include Athletics, Basketball, Cross Country, Eton Fives, Golf, Horse Riding, Soccer, and Swimming. In recent years Mill Hill’s sportsmen and women have enjoyed great success at National, Regional, County and local level. There are regular sports tours overseas, destinations have included New Zealand, Canada, Barbados, South Africa, Italy and Spain.

Staff and Student Quotes

“The experiences and lasting memories created at school are without doubt intrinsically linked to the people you are surrounded by, both teachers and other pupils.”

Former pupil

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