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Monkton Combe School

An independent co-educational boarding and day school for pupils aged from 13-18 with a linked junior school

  • Principal: Mr Chris Wheeler
  • Pupils: 381 – Boarders: 205
  • Fees: up to £35,600 per annum
  • A Level curriculum in the Sixth Form

About the School

Monkton Combe focuses on the journey of each individual in a way that it suggests is tangibly different.

As pioneers in pastoral tracking, process is always more important to the school than outcome, and although there are high aspirations for all pupils, the focus on process looks after the outcomes. This is a school to openly celebrate failure (literally – in assembly), as well as excellence, because performance isn’t how the community measures success, and authentic resilience cannot be built without it.

Whilst academic rigour is important, it is never at the expense of well-being. Our experience is that achievement, academic or otherwise, is the natural consequence of a healthy sense of self-worth. Strong exam results are enabled by fostering a learning environment where students become motivated, independent learners, who recognise their strengths, set ambitious goals, and understand the steps they need to take to achieve them.

Boarding is a key part of Monkton life, creating extraordinary opportunities for fun, friendship and personal development. A clear boarding ethos creates a place where pupils develop in confidence and in character, where they broaden their horizons and test their independence within a safe and supported environment.

A Christian ethos is at the heart of Monkton. It is recognised that each student is a unique creation with individual characteristics and needs, living within a community of other unique individuals; this ethos promotes an environment of tolerance, where everyone in the Monkton community learns to develop respect for others and forge caring relationships, sympathetic to the needs of other people. Everything that takes place at Monkton is supported by prayer, both in the Chapel, a beautiful space at the heart of the School, as well as more informally.

Monkton isn’t just an all-round school, it is a school committed to all-rounders. Unlike many schools where 10% of children lead on 90% of activities, this school actively seeks and selects those who want to play a game of hockey, then sing with the ‘Choir Who Can’t Sing’, then head off to a play rehearsal before conservation club or fencing. Whatever the choice, co-curricular activities encourage commitment, inspire curiosity and engender collaboration, skills that will serve students for life.

Staff and Student Quotes

“With the help of their Houseparents, Tutors, and a carefully designed induction programme, our experience is that students settle into life at Monkton very quickly, in a community founded on tolerance and understanding. Every new student will have a ‘buddy’ – a pupil who will show them the ropes and support them in their first few weeks when things may feel new and unfamiliar. The friendships made are one of the great strengths of being at Monkton.”

Mr. Chris Wheeler

“Life as a boarder hasn’t been what I expected at all. I started boarding at the age of 10 at the prep school and have continued to have fun in more ways than I ever thought I could. When I first arrived at Monkton I was thrown into the busy schedule and got involved in amazing weekends filled with activities I had never tried but found myself wanting to do more and more. Monkton has taught me a lot of new skills that I never knew were so valuable in everyday life but have helped me become a better individual. 

Even now in year 10 I still enjoy the activities we take part in. I love the welcoming air at Monkton and the friends I have made. Monkton has allowed me to meet people from all around the world and learn about different countries and cultures which I am so thankful for. 

Monkton  has gifted me with so many different opportunities which I know I will be able to  use in the future and for that I am very grateful.”

Year 10 pupil from Nigeria

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