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Moreton Hall School

An independent single-sex boarding and day school for girls aged 11-18 with a linked co-educational junior school

  • Headmaster: Mr George Budd
  • Pupils: 479 – Boarders: 250
  • Fees: up to £37,770.00 per annum
  • A Level curriculum in the Sixth Form

About the School

This Shropshire boarding school has long been built on the values instilled by its founders in 1913, Ellen Lloyd-Williams and her daughters, especially transformational headmistress Bronwen Lloyd-Williams.

Values of ‘scholarship, gaiety and humanity’ are seen throughout Moreton to this day in a modern, forward-looking context. In Vision and Values, the school builds upon and expand them to create an interpretation for the 21st century, recognising the importance of respecting heritage whilst setting out modern methods for a modern world. Scholarship at Moreton goes beyond the inquisitive pursuit of knowledge and understanding to equip every student with essential tools for the modern world. A love of lifelong learning is inspired, providing opportunities for young people to develop personal attributes such as flexibility and teamwork. Today, emotional intelligence is as important for success as intellectual knowledge and understanding. Our broad curriculum seeks to develop these qualities in our students.

Gaiety is seen around Moreton today in the sense of joyous fun which pervades this family-minded school and allows all to develop the self-confidence they need to succeed beyond the school gates. In a modern sense, Gaiety also encapsulates our focus on student, staff and parent wellbeing which is delivered in so many ways during the time people spend at school. The whole community draws upon an optimism and self-belief which is inculcated by the particularly bespoke approach the school takes to educating the whole person.

Humanity at Moreton today means developing resilience, humility, contentment and understanding the value of selfless service. The School’s outreach programme and engagement with local charities and community groups provide opportunities for the whole community to reach out and develop this core value. This is manifested in the pride the students have of one another’s achievements and in how they support one another through personal challenges. At Tudor Hall, staff go the extra mile to provide a truly exceptional all-round education of the highest quality.

Staff and Student Quotes

‘Moreton Hall is not a cookie-cutter sort of school; there is no typical Moretonian.  What binds us together is a strong set of shared values. Moreton Hall is proud to nurture articulate, diverse and entrepreneurial global citizens who make ambitious and environmentally responsible contributions to teams, society and business”.

Mr. George Budd

‘ I still remember arriving at Moreton Hall as an anxious 12 year old with only a little English.  I was welcomed by my housemistress with a hug, which certainly broke the ice that day and set me on my Moreton journey.  I recently spoke on behalf of International students at our Open Day showing potential pupils and parents how Moreton has supported me, and most of all, transformed me into someone I’m proud of.’

Deputy Head Girl and Sixth Former from China

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