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Royal Hospital School

An independent co-educational boarding and day school for pupils aged 11-18

  • Headmaster: Mr Simon Lockyer
  • Pupils: 729 – Boarders: 448
  • Fees: up to £35,319 per annum
  • A Level and BTEC options at Sixth Form

About the School

The Royal Hospital School was founded in 1712 in Greenwich, London, to ’improve navigation’ through education and, as it prepared boys for a life at sea, many went on to become explorers and pioneers of their time. This school is immensely proud of its historic links and discovery, exploration and challenge continue to shape the ethos. The traditional values of loyalty, commitment, courage, respect, service and integrity have underpinned the School’s core aims and philosophy from the very beginning. Three hundred years later, they are as relevant to the education provided now, as they were then.

Pupils are inspired to have the courage to be ambitious for their futures and the commitment to pursue whichever path they choose.  The school challenges pupils of all academic abilities, steering them to look beyond the moment and beyond the confines of the classroom, and to approach life with an open and receptive mind. It is through thinking creatively and taking initiative that they discover their influence, strengths and ambitions and establish the skills they need to pursue purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Everyone can achieve the most exceptional things but The Royal Hospital School recognises that are all different. That is why they focus on the individual, getting to know every pupil and finding out what motivates them. By understanding a young person’s strengths, and what he or she might find more difficult, staff can help them to make the right choices at the right time, navigating them through their critical, formative years and ensuring their education becomes the foundation for happiness and success.

It is this focus on personal challenge and individual guidance that enables pupils to develop into self-reliant, socially responsible adults with enviable open-mindedness and resilience, so sought-after by employers and important in life.

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Staff and Student Quotes

“We inspire our pupils to have the courage and commitment to be ambitious, whatever they want to do with their lives. Everyone has the potential for greatness, but we are all individuals. That is why we focus on getting to know every one of our pupils and finding out what motivates them and makes them happy. By understanding a young person’s strengths and passions, we can help them make the right choices at the right time, navigating them through their all-important formative years and ensuring their education becomes the foundation for happiness and success.”

Mr. Simon Lockyer

“I have travelled to many places and met a lot of people, but with certainty, I can happily say that coming to RHS combined the best of everything. RHS has given many great opportunities to experience new things, learn new techniques in art and textiles, and being proud of my history essay for the first time in my life!

For overseas students like me, this school offers so much help and care. Its diversity makes it a very welcoming community. At first, my main concern was my English, because it is my second language but here, people make a lot of effort to help you and to understand you.

The hardest thing was leaving my family and friends and a country I know, but here to my surprise I feel like my house is my second home and I love being here. It is like a big sleepover with my best friends every day. So I would really recommend this school to anyone out there, no matter what country you are from or language you speak be adventurous and open to new experiences”

Age: 15 from Mexico

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