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Sedbergh School

An independent co-educational boarding and day school for children aged 13 to 18 with a linked junior school

  • Headmaster: Mr Dan Harrison
  • Pupils: 560; Sixth Formers 225
  • A Level options at Sixth Form
  • Boarding Fees: up to £36,954

Boarding Life

Established in 1525, Sedbergh is one of the few remaining full boarding schools in the UK and 98% of pupils board in one of our 9 Boarding Houses (3 girls’ 6 boys’). Pupils benefit from exceptional pastoral care and the opportunity for everyone to achieve their potential whether their talents are academic, sporting or artistic. Each pupil has a dedicated tutor who is responsible for their academic and pastoral development. Highly unusually these days, Sedbergh retains the traditional in-house dining providing a family-style atmosphere.

At weekends, because there are no flexi or weekly boarders and no fixed exeats, virtually all pupils are on campus. Pupils keep just as busy as during the week with Saturday morning lessons, sport, drama, music, debates, and everyone participates in one of the various social events on Saturday evenings.

In addition to providing an outstanding academic education, Sedbergh also prepares its pupils for life. Good manners and respect are enforced during the ‘family style’ meal times and throughout the School day, and the co-educational and multi-national mix of pupils contributes an important social dimension to all pupils’ education, providing the opportunity for pupils to learn and practise rules of etiquette, obtain social graces and develop a natural, pleasant confidence in a variety of social settings. Community service, charity work and fundraising are also recognised as important parts of the School’s extra-curricular activities.

Sedbergh offers A Levels, i-GCSEs and GCSEs in an extensive range of disciplines. With nearly 100% pass rates at A Level, i-GCSE and GCSE each year, Sedbergh pupils are expected to enter leading British and international Universities.

Staff and Student Quotes

“Sedbergh School is a full boarding school in two respects: 99% of our pupils are full boarders and our weekends are as action packed as any school in the country.

International pupils love our boarding houses where they make lifelong friends, they love the academics and many societies and so many of our pupils go to top universities around the world. With extensive range of sport, activities, music and drama, our overseas pupils can challenge themselves in our beautiful campus set in an incredible rural setting without distraction.

Because we are a full boarding school, we have time to do all of these things and more. Values and life-lessons are so important to our pupils going forwards and we spend a lot of time preparing our pupils for life beyond school.”

Mr Dan Harrison

“Sedbergh is a very different school to any other I have been to. Apart from being a school it is so much more, it is one big community and for many a second home. This has a huge impact on the way we learn. Instead of having teachers that just want to get through the lessons as soon as possible. The teachers at Sedbergh enjoy teaching and have a totally different relationship to their students. Instead of just teaching they engage and work with us to get the very best out of each and everyone.

Boarding is the thing all students look forward to. The boarding houses are another separate group that hold together within Sedbergh. As, there are people all over the world coming to Sedbergh you create a network of friends all over the world which is such a great feeling.

Over all Sedbergh is a big community that ensures that physical activity, studying, and manners are brought to the students in a fun and exciting way, making Sedbergh a great place to be.”

Student, 16

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