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Warminster School

An independent co-educational boarding and day school for pupils aged11-18 with a linked junior school

  • Headmaster: Mr. Matt Williams
  • Pupils: 500 – Boarders: 160; Sixth Form: 120; Boys: 60%, Girls:40%
  • Boarding Fees: £33,078 per annum
  • A Level and IB options at Sixth Form

About the School

Ask any current pupil at Warminster and they will confirm that it is a school which embeds its sense of community at the core of every aspect of daily life. New pupils are only new pupils in the sense that they have newly arrived; welcoming international boarders and ensuring that they feel at home from the moment they unpack their suitcase underpins every corner stone of Warminster’s educational ethos.  Steeped in over 300 years of tradition and set in a stunning 60-acre campus in the heart of the south west of England, Warminster School understands that a truly nurturing, homely environment lies at the centre of a successful boarding offering.

At Warminster, not only do they focus on a broad, creative approach to co-curricular pursuits (pupils can choose from over 70 clubs in their daily activity slot) but the same can be said for their range of academic options.  Alongside a full GCSE programme, a popular choice for international pupils is their accelerated GCSE initiative, which acts as the ideal fore runner to entering their Sixth Form. Not surprisingly, as a result, Warminster are proud to attract pupils from over 30 countries across the entire school, ensuring a rich and multi-culturally diverse background for all school activities both in and outside the classroom. An exciting new addition, available to all international Warminster pupils is the Accelerated EAL programme, an innovative compact course, delivered virtually prior to their arrival at school.  Individually tailored to each pupil’s specific requirements it is yet another example of how Warminster embraces their new pupils from around the globe, determined that their day-to-day experiences are at the very top of their list of priorities.

Staff and Student Quotes

“We are enormously proud of our international legacy and the depth of experience we offer to our valued community.  Immersing pupils in all aspects of an independent education is what we do best.  Time spent at Warminster stays with our pupils for the rest of their lives, broadening horizons and ultimately changing our pupils’ own perceptions of their ultimate life goals.”

Mr. Matt Williams

“When I arrived I was nervous and I was surprised to see everyone in the boarding house so welcoming and nice. I think the highlight of Warminster is that teachers and staff really make an effort for each person to feel welcome and help them to achieve their goals.  I never imagined I would make so many great friends and have memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Student from Mexico

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