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Wrekin College

An independent co-educational school for day and boarding pupils aged 11 to 18

  • Headmaster: Mr Tim Firth
  • Pupils: 484 – Boarders: 78
  • Fees: up to £34,440 per annum
  • A Level and BTEC options at Sixth Form

About the School

Wrekin is most interested in bringing as diverse a group of people as possible together under one banner and stretching, challenging and supporting them to not only be the best version of themselves as individuals, but to work together to create a community where each has a part to play.

Wrekin’s clarity of vision for all that it takes to be the purpose of education dictates the approach to everything done in the school – academically, via the co-curriculum and into the spiritual mission of the school. The School’s aim is to produce good people; people prepared to get out of their comfort zones, people who don’t fear judgement (one of the real stumbling blocks for adolescents), people who respect others and want to help them, and respect all aspects of the world and study those aspects: that, in essence, is what the academic curriculum is for. “Good people produce good exam results, certainly getting their own personal best results”; Wrekin is clear that it should be as simple as that.

Wrekin’s structures both in and outside of the classroom flow from the above. Pupils work towards individual target exam grades and are coached individually to achieve them; excellent monthly communication with pupils and parents sets a clarity of expectation. Pupils see their tutors three times a week, more than in many schools, and each pupil has three staff to oversee them to make sure they are supported whilst being stretched and challenged.

All pupils take part in at least two plays in their time at the school and all are involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (which is so good at inculcating independence and resilience in individuals). An extraordinary number secure a Gold Award before leaving. Nearly all represent their school in a sports team – everybody must be given access to performing in all areas, and all pupils are encouraged to keep their experiences broad throughout their time in school as preparation for a real life in the real world.

Sixth Formers are encouraged to undertake leadership responsibilities. Through coaching and mentoring younger pupils, via running school activities and by programmes encouraging resilience and independence, Wrekin aims to advance core skills in all pupils. A stand-alone Business School gives opportunities to make sense of the world of work, employability and life after school.

This is not a school that forces pupils down pathways that aren’t right for them, and Wrekin delights in any and all successful outcomes, whether this means pupils going to a top university or straight into the world of work. The questions throughout a Wrekin education are; is this a good outcome for this individual and is he or she well-prepared to for their chosen pathway?

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Staff and Student Quotes

Wrekin is a great place to be for international boarders because our overseas’ students are integrated completely into the life of the school, living and working with English pupils. The school is 85% English pupils, so our overseas pupils are completely immersed in an English setting with English people. We have pupils from twenty two countries here, welcoming people from every country in the world and believe in the solidarity of all people together adding up to one. The inspectors said in 2017 that our international pupils are integrated more completely in the life of the school than in most schools they inspect. They also said that they couldn’t tell who has been at Wrekin for two weeks or two years. We are proud of these remarks and work hard to maintain our welcoming community. We have a very active TWIG (The Wrekin International Group) Committee that ensures all cultures are celebrated equally.

Mr. Tim Firth

Quote from age 13 year old Spanish boy ‘From the moment I stepped through the Wrekin door, it felt like home. Making my own bed for the first time was interesting, but Matron was brilliant and caring and soon helped me, she feels like a second Mum. My favourite thing at Wrekin, apart from the food, was the House community.  I have learnt new skills, been stretched out of my comfort zone, been on stage with 80 other boys, taken part in CCF, and even done some cookery.  My family can see how much I have enjoyed my experience at Wrekin – one term turned into one year.  My sister will be here next year.

Age:13 from Spain

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