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Be prepared to have fun – compulsory fun.

  When chatting to boys and girls from all over the world about their move...
Jimmy Beale | Categories:Insights
Nov 16, 2020 .3 weeks

Necessity or Covid: The Mother of Invention?

What lessons have been learnt from the covid pandemic in UK boarding schools? One thing...
Jimmy Beale | Categories:Insights
Oct 18, 2020 .2 months

Going Rural: The advantages of a boarding education away from cities

  When supporting international families as they seek to place their child at the right...
Jimmy Beale | Categories:Insights
Sep 22, 2020 .2 months

Guardianship for International Families

Our partners at Cambridge Guardian Angels provide an overview of guardianship and how it works...
Jimmy Beale | Categories:Insights, Partners
Sep 3, 2020 .3 months

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