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Welcome to the English Education

Constellation Group’s School Advice and Placement Consultancy, The English Education, offers expert and impartial advice to clients from all over the world who seek to send their children to UK independent schools. 

The English Education Bespoke


The English Education Bespoke provides tailored and impartial advice to clients from all over the world who seek to send their children to UK independent schools. The English Education Bespoke ensures that the right school is chosen for each child, with a strong focus being placed upon the individual aims, aspirations and needs of families and children.

In depth and thorough research, specific advice and decision-making based upon years of experience and up-to-date knowledge combine to make The English Education Bespoke the go-to consultancy for families who understand the value of truly professional support and want the best for their children. The English Education Bespoke has no association with any school or group of schools and therefore places children at the most suitable of schools, selected from the vast range of boarding schools here in the UK.

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The English Education Guaranteed

Launched in July 2020, The English Education Guaranteed is a new concept in school search and guaranteed placement services. Offering access to a selection of the very best British boarding schools for international students, The English Education Guaranteed works alongside families as they seek the right school for their children.

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Our Guaranteed Placement Member Schools

Our Guaranteed Placement Member Schools have been carefully selected to represent a range of the best of UK boarding schools, each of whom offers a value-adding, modern and relevant education to children from an international background. Whichever of these schools is selected as being the best choice for each boy or girltheir parents can be confident that their child will be respectedwell-looked after and challenged from the moment they arrive at their new school. 

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An Expert Service. An Experienced Team

The English Education provides the highest quality personalised service, working closely with parents and guardians to ensure that the right school is chosen for each and every individual. Both services offer a quality of advice and consultancy so rare in the world of international pupil placement support.

Our service is underpinned by experts, all highly qualified and with knowledge and insight based upon years of experience of leading independent schools. Whether working with The English Education Bespoke or The English Education Guaranteed, parents and schools will be supported by professionals who take pride in ensuring the best academic, social and pastoral outcomes for children.

Who are we?

Why School Placement Services?

The majority of international families who can afford a UK independent school education seek common objectives. They are committed to sending their children to UK boarding schools because of the reputation such schools have for high academic standards, excellent pastoral care and extra-curricular activities, as well as facilitating their children’s chances to applying to the best UK, US and global universities. Increasingly, international families appreciate that too many local agents and consultants lack expertise, financial transparency and sector specific knowledge. Parents seek high quality support to help them make the most important of decisions, realising that they have little access to the right information and networks.

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Academic Profiling


The English Education has created its own Academic Profiling Test (APT) alongside our Lead Assessment Consultant, Alastair Montgomery. APT was developed to assist families get the best understanding of their child's academic ability using an assessment that can be taken at home and can be used to identify learning gaps, demonstrate performance to future schools or monitor academic progress, or even as practice for other reasoning-type tests such as UKiset, ISEB Pretest or 11+ entrance exams.



The English Education is working with a dedicated partner in India, bringing its full range of services to families across the country. For those in India looking for high quality advice and expert support as they seek places for their children at the very best boarding schools here in the UK.


What does Success Look Like?

For Parents

Placement at the right school for their child, following an open and transparent process, where service, communications and individual attention have created a smooth, efficient and personal customer journey.

For Pupils

Placement at a school where they are academically challenged, where they are valued as an individual and where their skills and talents are developed within a caring and aspirational environment.

For Schools

The provision of a stream of appropriate applicants from a range of nations, screened and assessed by trusted educational experts, with rapid and appropriate communications at the heart of the relationship.
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Partnerships, Associates and consultants


Keystone Tutors

We partner with Keystone Tutors for tutoring services and providing accredited assessments for our clients.

Guardian Angels

We partner with Cambridge Guardian Angels, who support our client families with guardianship services for international pupils in the UK.


We are delighted to support HSBC Global clients and their families with their educational journey, advising on UK independent boarding school placement and advice.


Swiss Insurance Partners

We partner with Swiss Insurance Partner, who provide a range of health management and health insurance services for our clients.


London Central Portfolio

We partner with London Central Portfolio, who support our clients with their UK property search and acquisition needs.


“Everything done by The English Education has been excellent from the moment we were introduced. Great communication - Jimmy and this team left no questions unanswered. His contacts and network allowed us to see the best schools and we placed both boys as a result of his advice. He even drove us from school to school and made the tours and interviews quite easy.”

Mr D, father of two boys for 11+ and 13 + entry, Shanghai

“The English Education made us think about placing our daughter in the right school, not just the school we wanted her to go to. She starts in September at a school we would not necessarily have thought about – she is going to love it there and we are very pleased with the work done by The English Education.”

Mr C, father of 16+ girl, London

A Constellation Group Company

From Founders to Directors, Consultants to Coaches, all those associated with Constellation Group work with a shared ethos; our business runs on common understanding – that we will provide meaningful, impactful and quality personalised services.

Based in Berkeley Square in Bristol, we provide schools, universities, students, families and businesses a single point of contact for a full range of education-related services in the UK and overseas. Our team of specialist, professional and trusted experts offers a broad spectrum of consultancy and services, helping our clients achieve education goals and realise focused projects.